Lead Vocals

Holly Keller


Kingsport Tennessee

Professional singer since November of 2017

Lead singer of Dirt Road Rising

Winner of 25+ Appalachian Vocal stars 2019

Female Lead vocalist for band Major Change

Lead Guitar

Phillip Powers

Professional musician since 1999

Traveled in early 2000’s playing bluegrass with several groups

Basis in Gospel,Bluegrass, Country

Has played on several albums, including his family album Granny’s Flowers

Influenced by Tony Rice, Jerry Reed Martin Knopfler


Gino Kern

Professional Drummer since 2007

Playing 20+yrs.  Played with yesterday day express, Quarter Bounce, JBA, Hollyann DRR,  been a sub for many yrs with local bands


Charlie LaFountain

Professional Musician since 1980

80-84 The Music Staff with Lyle Crofoot (bass backing vocals). 80-84 Nancy and the Midnight Rider Band (Bass and backing vocals). 09-15 Founding member of the band Kudzu (Bass, keyboards and backing vocals). 16-17 Broad Street Station Band (Bass). 17-18 Crossroads Band (Bass). 18 - current, Dirt Road Rising

Rythm Guitar

Greg Coe

Professional Musician since 1985

Playing professionally since mid 80’s, bands ; Thin Ice, Paradox, Fragile (while in the Army in Korea) ,the Rambling Fever Band, Crossroads, New Direction, Worship Leader, Doublewide inc, Greg Coe and the Conspirators, From the Edge.

Owner and managing partner of Blind Otter Studios and music producer as well as songwriter.